Monday, 12 December 2011

November Walk 2011

The November outing was a six mile ramble along the Beamers Way part of the longer Witton Weavers Way. Our start point was Witton Country Park, Blackburn and luckily we enjoyed a warm sunny winter day. The first part of the walk was through the park to Big Cover Woods and a long steady climb through woodland to the hills above the park. After a short rest we eventually made the summit and crossed the Yellow Fields, so called because of the gorse cover in Spring, to the top of the ridge known locally as 'The Hump'. Here we were able to enjoy views across the Ribble Valley  and the Pennines above Bury and Bolton. After enjoying a coffee break we then descended through pleasant countryside to Houghton Bottoms and the River Darwen. Although the day was dry and warm, heavy rain the night before made it muddy underfoot and slowed progress across many fields. Undeterred we continued along the river bank passing a cow who appeared to have strayed from the herd for she was entirely alone! Reaching the Pleasington Golf Course  we turned to head back to the start point and after a short climb we reached Pleasington village where lunch had been organised at the Butlers Arms. Fully refreshed and rested we continued on the final leg of the walk. Passing the Priory we sauntered down the lane to Witton Country Park and followed the river through the park to the car park at the end of the walk.

               Taking a break in Big Cover Woods as we head to the hills above Witton Country Park

                                Coffee Break on the Yellow Hills - green at this time of year!

                                             Trees in the River Darwen valley

                                   Pleasington Priory on a sunny Saturday in November

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