Sunday, 7 July 2013

Slapton Ley Circular - July 2013

There was a disappointing turn out for the walk around Slapton Ley organised by the South West Branch of our group. Only one member turned up but undaunted I set out on the 5 mile ramble around the Ley.

The walk starts from the Memorial Car Park on Slapton Sands and you immediately pass the War Memorial dedicated to the American servicemen killed in Operation Tiger whilst practising for the D Day landings in 1944. From here I followed the path on the west side of the Ley which follows the shoreline and is a naturalist’s paradise. On the Ley there are birds to be spotted, at the pond dipping areas fish and dragon flies and in the vegetation butterflies, insects, plants and ferns.

At the end of this stretch the path turns onto a boardwalk which takes you across the reed beds to the northern bank, the ramble then continues along the bank of one of the many feeder streams. On this section there are tits, reed warblers and numerous other small birds amongst the high reed beds and along the banks of the stream.

Unfortunately when you reach Devils Bridge there is no path along the northern bank and you have to walk along the quiet country lane into Stokenham where you are able to join the path across the fields to the Stokeley Farm Shop for a welcome break of coffee and cake.

After a well-earned rest the route continues into Torcross where you join the South West Coast Path to follow the southern edge of the Ley. Again the area is teeming with wild life and on a warm summer’s day Dragon Flies can be seen in large numbers.  Eventually you reach the start point on the beach and I was able to finish the walk by a quick refreshing dip in the sea

.Hope more of you turn up next time! Enjoy your walk this Saturday.

Ducks helping out at the pond dipping!

Slapton Ley looking towards Torcross

Follow mum - line astern

Key hole view of the Ley

Looking across the reed beds.

The boardwalk across the reed beds

Feeder stream on the upper reaches

Tropical Devon - Echiums in flower

Swedish almond tart. Mmmmm!

Looking over the Ley on road to Torcross

South West Coast Path along the Ley

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