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November Walk

November Walk - Marple Circular 10th November 2012 On a lovely Saturday morning and  a weather forecast which promised sun throughout the day, nine of us set off from the Marple Garden Centre  on a 6 mile circular walk around Marple.For the first part of the walk we followed the main road and diced with traffic from three directions to reach open country side at the junction with the main Stockport Rd. Eventually we all crossed safely and after a short climb we reached the open fields. The going across the fields could only be described as 'extremely heavy' as our boots sank into the muddy grass. After a lot of puffing and blowing we all made it to the other side, where we joined the Middlewood Way. With firm going underfoot we made good progress but this was short lived for the next leg was across Hazel Grove Golf Course. Fortunately the paths were reasonably firm, the golfers absent - course too wet - and we very quickly reached the Macclesfield canal  where we s