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Vernon Park - Saturday 13th July 2019

Vernon Park - The Lily Pond Our original intention to do a round trip along the River Goyt from Vernon Park in Stockport was thwarted by a land slip that closed part of our path. Luckily we had reconnoitred the walk during the week and decided on a different route. Our small group set out from the Vernon Park car park and aimed to reach the Goyt beyond the land slip by heading through Vernon to the adjacent Woodbank Memorial Park. The River Goyt joins the River Tame at Stockport to form the River Mersey. Vernon Park was known as Pinch Belly Park in the 1860’s because of the hungry, unemployed mill workers who were employed to work in the park. Although previously neglected, a grant of £1.6m was awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2000 which has supported the wonderful restoration work. Look out especially for the drinking fountain, the lily pond and the bandstand. We found a downhill path just beyond the museum and cafĂ© in the park. It is worth noting that the