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White Nancy & Kerridge Ridge - Saturday 11th April 2015

Nine of our group met on the Rangers Car Park in Bollington to tackle the walk up to White Nancy. We set off across the Recreation Ground and then along the Macclesfield Canal before we turned off to begin the climb up to ridge above Bollington. The first part of the ascent is through paths and lanes which wind gently towards the summit. However, you eventually reach the final leg which is very steep and quite testing after too many hot cross buns at Easter! Ultimately we all made the summit, some more quickly than others, where we stopped to admire the views over three counties and enjoy a cup of coffee.   From here we continued along Kerridge Ridge before turning to begin the descent down the old quarry roads to join the Middlewood Way.  A short walk along the old railway returned us to Bollington whe re we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Vale Inn. Thanks to Bill & Maureen for leading and organising this walk. The path to White Nancy - Bollington in background