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Plumley Circular - Saturday 9th March 2019

Golden Pheasant Plumley We started this ramble at the Golden Pheasant in Plumley and after a short walk through the village we were soon crossing open fields on our way to the ancient woodland known as Holford Moss. At this time of year last summer's bracken was still in evidence and the spring flowers had yet to come into bloom but there is always something of interest and after the wet weather there was plenty of fungii around to make the visit worthwhile. The next part of the walk takes you across the old salt workings and eventually on to Holford Hall  the home of the Cholmondeley family. From here we crossed more open farmland and back to Plumley for an excellent lunch at the Golden Pheasant. Distance about 4 miles Golden Pheasant Plumley Ramblers at the start Over the stile Woodland   -   Holford Moss Hoof Fungus   (Fomes fomentarius) Birch Tree  -    Holford Moss Valves from old salt workings Coffee Time Holford Hall